The Kia Sorento is the official ride of the Justice League



Kia has now revealed a Justice League themed Sorento. To be fair, this Sorento is for a good cause. It will be part of a charity auction on eBay, benefitting DC Entertainment’s We Can Be Heroes campaign, which raises money for the famine-ridden Horn of Africa, a region that’s facing its worst food crisis in six decades. DCE’s President, Diane Nelson, claims DC has managed to raise over $285,000 through crowd-funding campaigns and unique opportunities for its fans. The Justice League Sorento is just the latest such fund-raising opportunity, with the automaker having already commissioned a number of similar themed vehicles for individual members of the Justice League.

The seven-passenger Sorento was designed by Jim Lee and created by West Coast Customs. Batman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are depicted on the driver’s side, while Superman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg are on the passenger side. The Justice League logo is emblazoned on the Sorento’s hood.



Inside, the Kia’s leather seats have been customized to represent each member of the Justice League, with Superman naturally in the driver’s seat. Poor Green Lantern is stuck riding in the middle of the second row.

DC will be auctioning the Sorento, along with a bunch of other cool, unique artwork from DC artists on eBay. Bidding on the Sorento starts at $35,000. We Can Be Heroes will distribute the proceeds of the auction towards International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corp and Save the Children.

To visit our wonderful staff of local Super Heroes who work hard for you every day, come by Westside Kia and visit our showroom located at 23005 Katy Freeway, Katy, Texas 77450 or call us at 281-392-5858 today!


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