Kia Cadenza Gains Great Praise from Consumer Reports

The Kia Cadenza is the newest addition to Kia’s ever growing and improving line of vehicles.  The Korean automaker has been shaking things up in the automotive scene and their new Cadenza is already making a lot of noise in the large sedan segment.



Consumer Reports recently published a list ranking 12 large sedans, for the first time since 2007. In 2007, the Toyota Avalon was at the top of the list, but this year fell behind the Cadenza. The fact that the Avalon has been supplanted by Kia reflects heavily the upheaval in the global auto industry over the past six years.

“The Cadenza banishes any lingering thoughts that Kia is a manufacturer of cheap, unrefined cars,” said Jake Fisher, director of automotive testing for Consumer Reports.

“Kia has really risen up in our testing,” stated the magazine’s automotive editor, Rik Paul.

Consumer Reports is one of the most trusted and respected publications available today. They have been providing reviews and comparisons of consumer products and services since 1936, but it’s not just Consumer Reports lavishing praise upon Kia lately.

MotorTrend recently published two “Big Tests,” one for compact sedans, and one for full-size sedans; and Kia reigned King in both. Bottom line is critics, experts, and enthusiasts are raving about Kia’s new commitment to quality, safety, and affordability.



The praise and success of the Cadenza is definitely exciting for Kia fans and potential customers looking for a luxury sedan without the high price tag, but don’t just take the experts word for it; come experience the Cadenza up close and personal at Westside Kia.  Visit our showroom at 23005 Katy Freeway in Katy, Texas or call 281-392-5858 today!

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